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5 Reasons to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Considering taking Social Security at 62? Sure, why not? After all, it’s the most popular age for folks to start drawing since for most people it’s the first time they’re eligible to start. You just retired and you no longer have your paycheck coming in, and Social Security is just meant to help pick up where your job left off, right? Not necessarily. This is a very dangerous way to look at things when it comes to your retirement income. You shouldn’t be looking at just your situation today or even a few years from now, but you should really be considering your financial picture for the rest of your life. After all, that hard earned nest egg that you spent 40 years trying to build has to last as long as you do. Here are 5 reasons to wait to start your Social Security benefits, and why this decision is the most important financial decision you can make for retirement.

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